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Founded by the Health Tech Hub of the Jacobs Institute at Cornell Tech by Professor of Computer Science Deborah Estrin, HealthTech.NYC unites developers, clinicians, and leaders passionate about disrupting healthcare through technology.

Upcoming Events

May 3, 2021
Cornell Health Tech Symposium

Students will present health related projects they worked on at Cornell Tech. Attendees will be entered into a raffle to win some ~Cornell Tech Swag~. There will also be a networking session after the event to meet the Health Tech NYC community. Click the link below to join the virtual symposium!

Past Events

DEC 17, 2020
Fireside Chat with Marla Beyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Hopscotch

Marla is the CEO and Co-Founder at Hopscotch, a SaaS platform that aims to improve access and transform the delivery of pediatric behavioral healthcare. This Fireside Chat will be a Q&A focused on Marla's experiences as a founder, as someone in the digital health space, and as someone working with pediatric populations. Marla has amazing insights to offer and we hope you attend!

OCT 27, 2020
The Role of Tech Interventions in Reopening Post-COVID19

As employees come back to the workplace and schools reopen, tech interventions have helped mitigate health risks to workers and customers. In light of the risk factors associated with COVID-19, this panel will cover the methods used to speed up innovation and the challenges of creating the contactless experience. Dr. Alexander Fortenko, JP Pollack, and Davide Schaumann will be sharing their insights on the work they have been doing to make reopening a safe possibility. This panel will look at the challenge of reopening thru the lenses of a technical, operational, and medical challenge.

APR 10, 2019
When Health Tech Goes Consumer

Since the inception of the modern digital health industry, many startups have attempted going direct-to-consumer, only to find themselves shifting to sell into providers, payers, and employers. With rising high-deductible insurance plans, personalization, and patient-driven engagement, some companies have succeeded in shifting the status quo by prioritizing convenience and user experience. Join us on April 10th at the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech to hear from clinicians and technologists leading innovative consumer health tech companies.

FEB 13, 2019
Tech's Evolving Role in Behavioral Health

One in five American adults experiences mental illness in a given year. Can technology help advance the way we care for our mental and behavioral health? Join us the evening of Feb. 13th at the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech to hear from clinicians, technologists and healthcare leaders working on innovative solutions to address this national crisis.

OCT 29
Designing Better Healthcare with Communities

How might technology play a role in advancing not just individual health, but also the health of whole communities? In New York City, public health institutions and technology startups alike have pioneered care models addressing the social determinants of disease. Join us the night of Oct. 29th at the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech for a roundtable discussion highlighting innovations in health systems design at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Alphabet-backed startup Cityblock Health.

New Technologies and Care Models at NYC's Leading Medical Centers

From initiatives like NYP OnDemand to outpatient centers like MSKCC’s Josie Robertson Surgery Center, New York City has embodied adaptability in our shifting healthcare landscape. Much of that experimentation has originated from New York’s leading hospitals, research centers, and academic institutions. Join us at the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech on September 12th, 2018 to hear leaders in our thriving digital health ecosystem discuss the opportunities they envision will be most impactful to the industry.

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